Oliver Wyman works with the world’s leading travel and leisure companies, including hotel, airways, passenger rail and bus operators, theme parks, cruise operators, gaming and lottery companies, tour operators and journey companies, airports, rail stations, and concessionaires, in addition to personal equity companies. The journey and leisure industry has gone by significant modifications over the last decade, by means of both client ‘pull’ and trade ‘push’. Know-how has additionally played a central role on this, with an increased reliance on websites and smartphone apps to facilitate choice and convenience throughout all journey sorts. Using our superior algorithms, Phrasee learns what your viewers responds to. And it works! Phrasee’s advertising and marketing language out-performs human generated language ninety eight{f2937d8f6f03821bdf64dc53fb875537eb3c43036d6e7e6942615d8066ef9910} of the time.